There's more to first aid than CPR and bandages.

We go beyond physical first aid, giving you tools to psychologically understand trauma that accompanies physical injuries.

Canadian Red Cross Training Partner

We are proud to offer certified Red Cross First Aid courses.

Each one of us comes with a backstory.

That is why we believe that a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t cut it for first aid training. We offer a method rooted in science that meets our clients where they are at, allowing us to tailor our courses to them.

This allows us to help them holistically build up their resilience in dealing with the intensity of life-threatening situations: during and afterwards.


A journey of resilience through education.

Evidence shows that most people impacted by disasters and emergencies recover well with information, and support.

At Signal Learning, we weave together

psychological + physical first aid because we understand injury isn't just physical.

We are revolutionizing first aid with a flexible, scientifically-backed approach.

When we are forced into a situation that requires us to respond to an emergency, we need to:

  1. Secure the scene
  2. Treat the injured
  3. Unpack what has happened

Have any questions about our approach to first aid?

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